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Maui Rental Car Discount Rates

These are our base rates for Maui car rental. Your rental may qualify for a discount up to $100/week. Request a quote that includes current discounts. Book in advance for the biggest savings. Discounts for long term car rentals.
Maui car rental calendar
SUV$250/week  Taxes are additional. Contact us for a quote including all taxes, fees, and applicable discounts.
All drivers must be age 34 or older, have valid driver license, proof of auto liability insurance coverage valid in the USA.
Payment is by credit card, or debit card with $200 deposit.
One week minimum on all rentals. No one-day rentals.
Please read all notes below regarding taxes, fees, vehicle descriptions, restrictions, insurance, and rental policies. Click here.
Economy Wagon/Hatchback$175/week 
Economy 4-Door$150/week 
Click here to get a price for your rental including all taxes, fees, and discounts.

Discount Rental Cars Maui Pick-up And Drop-off

Maui car rental
Our rental cars on Maui are at a location five minutes away from the airport in Kahului. Pick-up and drop-off of your Maui rental car can be done right at the main Maui airport (Kahului OGG). Call to reserve your rental car in advance and request free airport pick-up and drop-off.
From Anywhere on Maui:
Our location is in the heart of Kahului's commercial center, just a few minutes away from the airport, and close to Costco, Wal-mart, Target, Home Depot, and others. Call to make a reservation and we will have a car ready for you to pick up from our location.
24/7 Pick-up and Drop-off
We still offer free 24/7 airport pickup and drop-off with advance reservations.
Maui rental car discount rates - click here.

Long-Term Car Rentals - A Maui Favorite!

Maui car rental Did you know that some Maui car rental companies charge a higher rate for long-term rentals? Why? Because they can. But, when you go with us, the longer you rent, the more you save. We have weekly, monthly, and extended car rental rates, with special low rates for long term rentals of 60 days or more. Longer rentals mean bigger savings.
We focus on long-term rentals because that is how we can give you the best value. Long term rentals allow us to keep our costs low, and pass the savings on to you.
Special rates for travel nurses and physicians, contract workers, internships, and other long-term visitors to Maui. Call to inquire

Not Just Another Cheap Car Rental on Maui!

Maui car rental piggybank Not just another cheap car rental on Maui! How do we keep our Maui car rental rates so low? We keep our expenses low, so we can pass the savings along to you. Our long-term Maui rental rates are better than any of the rates you get through the online discount car rentals. Our overhead is low. We prefer to invest in our cars - they're not brand new, but they're reliable, clean, and economical. We do everything we can to earn our reputation for offering a better deal than any car rental company on Maui.
Vehicle Descriptions: All vehicles are automatic transmission, cold a/c, am/fm/cd-player, some with AUX/USB input (for iPod). All wagons and SUVs come with hard roof racks suitable for surfboards/sailboards/SUP. No racks on 4-door sedans.

Our complete line: (1) SUV, (2) mini-SUV, (3) Economy


SUV Toyota Highlander/Lexus RX300:

These are the cars that America loves to drive. The Highlander and RX300 are intermediate-sized SUVs. They are roomy for bigger people, with higher ground clearance than passenger cars for good visibility and easy get in and get out. These vehicles maintain good fuel efficiency compared to larger SUVs. Comfortable seating for five. Plenty of cargo space. Some of these vehicles in our fleet have fold-down third-row seating for a total of seven including the driver. Most have roof racks. Read more, or request a quote.

Maui car rental SUV Maui car rental SUV Maui car rental SUV Maui car rental SUV Maui car rental SUV Maui car rental SUV


Mini-SUV 2003-2008 Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe:

Intermedite sized-cars with higher ride and higher ground clearance, and great fuel economy. When it was first sold in 2003, the Vibe was the most fuel-efficent car available through General Motors! EPA Fuel Economy rating is 30 City/36 Highway. Seats five. Complete with roof racks. Read more, or request a quote.

Maui car rental mini-SUV Maui car rental mini-SUV Maui car rental mini-SUV Maui car rental mini-SUV Maui car rental mini-SUV Maui car rental mini-SUV Maui car rental mini-SUV Maui car rental mini-SUV

Economy Sedans and Hatchbacks

The Mazda Protege, available in four-door sedan or five-door hatchback, is zippy and economical. Perfect for getting around Maui. We also have a few Ford Focus available in four-door hatchback or wagon. Roof racks included on all wagons. Read more, or request a quote.

Maui Car Rental Mazda Maui Car Rental Mazda Maui Car Rental Mazda Maui Car Rental Mazda Maui Car Rental Mazda Maui Car Rental Mazda Maui Car Rental Mazda
Maui Car Rental Ford Maui Car Rental Ford Maui Car Rental Ford Maui Car Rental Ford Maui Car Rental Ford Maui Car Rental Ford Maui Car Rental Ford

Maui Car Rental Info

Maui car rental calendar Our Maui car rental rates are cheap and low year-round, with some seasonal changes. Request a quote that includes any seasonal changes and discounts. Book in advance for the biggest savings. Discounts for long term car rentals.
AIRPORT PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF: All rates include this service at no charge, 24-hours, seven days a week (24/7).
Weekly Rates: One week minimum on all rentals. Additional days are pro-rated at the weekly rate divided by seven.
Monthly Rates: Save big-time. Inquire for a quote or call 808-280-1196.
HIDDEN FEES: General Excise Tax (4.16% of rental amount) plus Hawaii Rental Vehicle Surcharge Tax ($3.00/day flat rate). Tax rates have been changed without notice by state and local authorities in the past, and they may be changed at any time in the future. The applicable tax at the time of rental will be added to the rental amount.
Rental Charges: Daily charges apply to consecutive 24-hour periods starting at the hour and minute the rental begins. No added charge for up to two additional hours, then add one full day. All rates are subject to change at any time without notice. The information on this website is illustrative and does not constitute an agreement to deliver a specific product or service. Rates and availability are not guaranteed.
Kama'aina Rates: We give the same low rates to everyone.
Minimum Age: Because of insurance restrictions you must be 35 or older.
High Season Rates: Rates are higher during peak periods including October through April, and June through July. Inquire for a quote.
Insurance and Collision: We carry the insurance required of rental fleet operators in the State of Hawaii. However, you cannot rely on our insurance for your liability. For an additional charge, you can purchase optional Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) to cover your responsibility if you cause an accident, damage property, or injure others. You can purchase an optional Collision Damage Waiver (or CDW) to cover your responsibility for collision damage to your rental vehicle. Before deciding to purchase any coverages, you should determine if your own personal auto insurance policy or credit card affords you coverage.
Reservation Policy: We take advance reservations for rentals of three weeks or longer. Shorter term rentals are open for reservations starting one week before date of rental. To book a reservation, you must provide a valid driver license, proof of auto insurance, and a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover - sorry, no AMEX). Debit cards can be used, with a refundable deposit drawn in addition to the full amount of rental. After your reservation is booked, there is a $100 cancellation fee. Additional charges may apply for early return on long-term rentals.
Long Term Rates: For rentals of two months or longer, inquire.
Pick-up and Drop-off: Free for Kahului, OGG Airport, Paia, Upcountry. Kihei/Wailea: $40. West Side: $60.
Child Safety Seats: Infant seats and booster seats available for a nominal fee. Please note: Children under 3 years old must be transported in safety seats that meet the federal standards in place at the time of seat’s manufacture. Children 3 and 4 years old may be placed in a child safety seat or in a seat belt. If there are more children in the vehicle than restraints, and all restraints are used, unrestrained children must be placed in back seat only. Haw. Rev. Stat. ss 437-13 and 291-11.5. Leaving a child unattended in a vehicle is a violation of Hawaii law.
Adult Seat Belts: Drivers are responsible for ensuring that they secure themselves in a seat belt, and that all passengers in the front seat up though age 15 are secured in either a child safety seat or a seat belt. Every person above the age of 25 is responsible for securing themselves with a seat belt. Any person in violation of these requirements will be fined $20. Haw.Rev. Stat. ss 437-13 and 291-11.6.
Driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor: It is against Hawaii law to operate any vehicle while under the influence of liquor or any intoxicating substance. Please click here for the details.
Cell Phone Use: No person shall operate a motor vehicle while using a mobile electronic device. Maui Municipal Code 10.52.260 (Ord. No. 3753, § 1, 2010)..
Off-Road Driving Notice - PLEASE READ: Our cars are for driving on paved and graded surfaces only - NO DRIVING OFF PAVEMENT. We will charge you $500 if we determine that you have been driving off the pavement. STOP before you enter any unpaved road, dirt road, gravel road, or any unpaved area, including parking areas. Our cars are for driving on paved and graded surfaces only - NO DRIVING OFF PAVEMENT. The underside of every vehicle is inspected and the details are noted before and after every rental. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for any damage resulting from any part of the car coming into contact with the ground or ground-based objects. This includes frame members, underbody, oil pan, transmission pan, gas tank, exhaust and muffler components, wheels, suspension components, bearings, and axles. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for towing and repairs if the car becomes stuck in an unpaved location. YOU ARE AT RISK of causing damage anytime one or more of the wheels leave the pavement or graded surface, or anywhere the driving surface is rough, irregular, or uneven. This includes unpaved driveways and parking areas. Specific areas known to present hazard are Peahi/Jaws, Ulalena Loop, Sprecks/Eurobeach, Maliko, Kaupo/Kipahulu. Kahakuloa, the Kite Beach parking lot, and any other unpaved area. Please do not drive to these areas - you are responsible for any damage to the car. There is a $500 unauthorized use fee for driving off the pavement.

Every Rental Car Comes With Frank's Satisfaction Guarantee - Maui's Best!

maui car rental
Our satisfaction guarantee means we'll do whatever it takes to keep you happy. While you're on vacation on Maui, we don't want you to spend even a minute worrying about your rental car! When you go with Frank, you're not just going with a car rental - you're going with the best service on Maui!
We stop at nothing and spare no expense to make sure that our Maui rental cars are every bit as safe and reliable as the one you drive back at home - if not more so! Why? Well because our reputation depends on it, that's why! If your car at home can pass our pre-rental inspection, we'll give you one free week of rental. You can take that to the bank! Our cars do not leave the lot unless they can pass the inspection.
It is rare that any of our rental cars have mechanical issues or malfunctions. We ask customers to report any possible issue immediately. In case of an issue that requires repair, we have spare cars always standing ready in reserve to replace your car with a minimum of inconvenience.

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